That's A Wrap!

Each year Incept engages with blood centers across the nation to ensure safe blood supplies throughout the holiday season.  Inactive donor lists are released, new ideas are tested out, and promotions soar.  One advantage is that Incept gets to hear about all the different things non-profits try during the season to increase both blood and financial donations so we thought we’d share a unique idea.

Every year blood donations decrease over the holidays largely due to the hustle and bustle of the season.  Donors spend a considerable amount of time out shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones and time is at a premium for everyone!  It is estimated that Americans spend an average of 15 hours each shopping and 4 hours wrapping!


One idea to pamper your donors and encourage them to spend some time in your donor room is to offer gift wrapping days. 

  1. While donors relax and give the gift of life, have volunteers wrap gifts.  Assign several volunteers to each site. 

  2. Get wrapping supplies donated by local stores (Walmart, Target, Walgreens etc). 

  3. Make the atmosphere festive by playing holiday music, engage carolers (local high school choirs often send out their show choir teams and LOVE getting the volunteer hours)

  4. Add lights and cookies and you’ve got a low-cost incentive that truly saves your donors time, let’s them know you appreciate them, and helps keep your inventory where you need it over the holidays.

What are some other ideas you’ve tried?