Incept began calling on behalf of Carter BloodCare in February 2012. Initially, we called lapsed and super lapsed donors as Carter BloodCare had an extensive internal center.  This engagement led to Incept assisting their internal center through consulting.  After a 12 week engagement it became evident that more assistance was needed.  We’ve continued to provide leadership and guidance while assuming a larger portion of calling, including current donor calling, to ensure that they meet their goals while building their center.  

Incept helped us with a program to reach out to ‘super-lapsed’ donors—those who have not given blood for more than 48 months. Carter BloodCare lacked enough resources to continue calling our active blood donors to maintain our community need while attempting to re-engage those super-lapsed individuals. Incept’s staff is specifically trained for this purpose, and they were able to begin almost immediately. This program has been incredibly successful, and a short-term project has turned into a true long-term partnership with Incept.
— Michelle Johnson, Vice President, Corporate and Community Resources