How Does Incept Consulting Work?


With almost 20 years of experience in multi-channel blood donor recruitment, we have put the time, talent, innovation, technology, science, and art into understanding and implementing EXCEPTIONAL blood donor recruitment processes.  Our consulting offering is designed to transfer as much of this expertise to your contact center team as they are willing and able to take.  Beware, although a lot of the methodology is simple, it is NOT easy to do well.

Why would we do that?  For one reason, we enjoy helping leaders and their teams be more successful.  The second reason, it’s not always the right time or situation for blood centers to outsource their telerecruitment work to Incept, and we believe in the right fit and the right time being the way to approach the long-term partnership.  The final reason, realistically, we are really good at this and most of the time, this type of educational offering really shows our stuff.  Just being honest, here :o)

Steps in the process:

Strategy Discussion (conference call with executive leaders/sponsors)

  • What are the high-level organizational goals, iniatives
  • Current state of recruitment, talent, collections to goal, etc.
  • Gain agreement on the future state of telerecruitment
  • On-site #1 – Assessment and Buy-in
    • Investigate and Evaluate your:
      • metrics- How do you measure success?
      • organizational structure- How are you aligned?
      • tools/processes- How do you implement?
      • conversational quality - Listen to calls
      • engagement - Conduct interviews with employees for feedback
    • Provide clear recommendations on where the opportunities are and how to best go after them

Implementation Support (video conference and/or conference call)

  • Based on our evaluation, we will conduct regular workshops for key members of your contact center covering the most important topics to your business. Some of our past topics have included:
    •  Creating A Results-Driven Culture: Positive Coaching
    • Creating A Results-Driven Culture: Formal Coaching, Follow-Up, and Bonus Structure
    • Creating A Results-Driven Culture: Team Dynamics
    • Embracing Quality: Conversational Quality Management
    • Getting Results: Tele-Recruiting Basics
    • Getting Results: Tele-recruiting Strategy
    •  Measuring Success: Organizational And Individual Results
    • Ensuring Quality Data: Database Segmentation

Engagement closeout

  • After 10-16 weeks of education sessions, accountability to action items and implementation, and monitoring progress in key metrics, we will come back on-site to review progress, successes, stalls, and remaining opportunities.  This regularly includes next steps for the internal team, further help consultative help needed, or outsourcing projects/next steps.