Incept began calling on behalf of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in July 2005 after their experience using another industry vendor was met with less than favorable results. Calling began as lapsed donor support. Incept’s calling results on this project surpassed that of the vendor calling current donors, and all recruitment calling was awarded to Incept.  We currently recruit all donor types, including current donors, lapsed donors, super lapsed donors, and new/cold calling when needed. Additionally, we schedule for whole blood, double red cell, all apheresis donors, and procedure conversion based on inventory needs.

I would recommend Incept to EVERYONE I know in blood banking (and any other field too!). I deeply believe that the approach of having a conversation with donors (instead of telling them what to do) and how that positively impacts donors and their participation in the mission of saving lives. From a strictly customer side, I would recommend Incept because of Incept’s commitment to excellence, expertise, professionalism and integrity as a partner in helping us achieve our goals.
— Annetta Morris, Director, Commit For Life at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center