Every blood center in the country is on a continual hunt to acquire more O-negative blood donations. They’re cost-effective and valuable, but generating new donations is costly and time-consuming. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that the new donors will even be O-negative.

To help achieve this goal, blood centers are over-spending on donor recruitment campaigns that have a low return on new O-negative blood donations. As a result, inventory costs skyrocket to accommodate for a higher amount of specific blood types, and blood centers overcompensate by badgering their current O-negative donors for continual donations. This puts their current donors at-risk of opting out due to over-communication.

There is, however, a way to ensure a continual flow of O-negative supply without the risk of turning off current donors. Incept works with blood centers to re-engage lapsed and super-lapsed O-negative blood donors. In targeted campaigns to O-negative blood donors, Incept has reinitiated relationships with past donors who have not returned to donate in more than two years! This cost-effective strategy led to 16,400 re-engaged O-negative donors in 2014 alone, boosting supply and keeping inventory costs low.