Blood centers across the country watched as their donor bases eroded due to the number of new donors being outpaced by the quickening loss of previous donors. These existing donors could have remained interested in donating, but were opting out of frequent communication from blood centers.

If this trend continues, blood centers become at-risk of missing short-term blood supply goals, and the long-term degradation of their donor base puts the overall blood supply in jeopardy. On top of that, blood centers are forced to take costly measures to acquire new donors or retain current donors.

Incept came alongside these blood centers with a solution to help keep these donors active in a consistent blood donation lifecycle and avoid the ultimate loss of the donor. Using a conversational approach, Incept offered donors the option of being contacted less frequently, instead of opting out altogether. By offering donors be contacted only every 30 days, or, if preferred, every 90 days, Incept was able to decrease opt-outs by __% and generate __ additional units of blood every [time increment].