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The changes facing the blood center industry are significant and are making executive roles more difficult than ever.   You are faced with many challenges, including:

  • Decreasing demand
  • Increased competition
  • Price pressures on every department
  • Patient blood management programs
  • Acquisitions
  • Personnel challenges

If you have some time to set aside, we can see if we can help you.

Since 1998, Incept has helped over 40 blood centers reduce cost, increase collections and improve donor relationships. On average, we conducted over 6 million conversations with blood donors and recruit more than 250,000 units per year, all on a fixed cost-per-donor payment structure. Meaning you only pay for a usable unit.

We use years of experience to develop a solution customized to your specific situation.  Whether you need internal training, seasonal tele-recruitment support, a lapsed donor reactivation campaign or are attempting to evaluate the option of outsourcing your entire tele-recruitment department, we can help.