SunCoast Blood Bank is an independent community blood center headquartered in Sarasota Florida.  Incept first began working with SunCoast Blood Bank in 2013 as an overflow center calling segments of their donorbase that their internal team was unable to penetrate. 

 As SunCoast’s staff turned over, they increased the work sent to Incept. We began only calling a segment of current whole blood donors as well as a small portion of lapsed and super lapsed donors for platelet conversion. In Fall 2014, we ultimately added platelet calling, and throughout 2014 and 2015, we grew responsible for additional current donor recruitment.

SunCoast partners with Incept to explore new and innovative recruitment techniques to enhance the donor experience and help us continuously drive down costs

Over the past year Incept has helped grow our donor base and reduce donor attrition, increase our daily fixed site collections, and collaboration on initiatives to calculate our internal costs versus benefits of additional consultative services. We calculate a substantial ROI this year and are looking forward to expanding our partnership with Incept in the future. Billie Johnson and Jenna Patterson provide our organization with exceptional customer service. Not only have they supported the mission of our organization in the work performed on our behalf as a contact center, but support our mission as an industry by finding ways to drive down cost, increase performance, and integrate Incept into the fabric of our blood center and our community.
— Jason Carney, COO of Suncoast Blood Bank