For the last two decades, we've helped more than 40 blood centers recruit blood donors with pay-for-performance pricing.  

In that time, we've mastered the science involved - sophisticated segmentation, predictive analyitcs, and data modeling - as well as the art - conversational creativity, listening with empathy, and a certain sales ingenuity.  It all comes together to reduce your costs, increase collections, and ultimately improve donor relationships. 

But all too often we hear someone ask, “Should we outsource our blood donor recruitment or do it internally?” 

Our response: 

If someone tells you that you should do 100% of either, they are wrong.”

There are some functions that should almost always stay within your organization. There are others that can almost definitely be done better and more efficiently by the right partner.

The answer isn’t if you should manage tele-recruitment entirely in-house or externally, but in what combination to provide the best results. 

Incept has introduced a concept called co-sourcing, which is a partner approach to donor recruitment that provides the cost savings and flexibility that come from outsourcing, while integrating with your in-house staff to guarantee every donor will be supported according to your brand and values.