Our Story

Incept was founded in 1993 as a consulting group with the sole intention of protecting not-for-profit organizations from being taken advantage of by outsourced call centers.  Incept tested campaigns, monitored KPIs, and managed campaigns on behalf of our client organizations to ensure the highest quality and optimal performance.

Blood banking has become a passion and a mission beyond a call center campaign or area of specialty.  Strengthening relationships between blood center clients and their donors is the key to database preservation, inventory stability and achieving stated goals.  Incept fulfills this mission by saving lives through the power of conversation.

Since making our first blood bank dial in 1998, Incept has completed 45,058,667 donor conversations.  

We often use the language of Lives Saved when sharing the importance of what we do with our staff.  The impact that the Incept organization has had on the entire nation is humbling.  Since entering the industry, Incept is responsible for saving 4,848,608 lives!  This is calculated using Incept credited units and components. 

Beginning with donor recruitment services, Incept found it necessary to expand services offered to keep contact methods up-to-date with the changing needs of donors.  Services now include contact center consulting and optimization, SMS/text messaging, social media solutions, direct mail, email, and mobile lead generation.

Incept has conducted donor recruitment conversations for more than 40 independent blood centers and regions of the American Red Cross. 

Incept Team


To have productive conversations that drive meaningful results.


To help you become the best version of yourself. 


Incept exists to help blood centers strengthen their relationships with their donors with every interaction. Our distinction is a listen before you lead approach that puts customers at the center of everything we do. By understanding the client’s objectives, we are able to customize a strategy that ultimately improves your blood donor recruitment process. By knowing what motivates your donors, we can ensure the right message is delivered every time.        

The first step in this relationship is to conduct a round table discussion, which we call Incept Listen. To effectively customize your solutions, we need to gain a deeper understanding of your strategies, goals and objectives.

Working through an in-depth needs assessment allows us to identify the conversations we will have with your donors on your behalf. This collective, team approach is the foundation of a relationship built on knowledge and trust.

By making round table discussions an ongoing element of our partnership, we ensure consistent progress toward the mission of saving lives.           


  • Discuss Current Successes and Struggles
  • Review Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Gather Relevant Donor Data
  • Review Current Recruitment Strategy
  • Share Conversation Guidelines


  • Analyze Current Performance Versus Goal
    • Overall
    • Blood Type
    • Recruitment Channel
    • Center
    • Mobile
  • Compare Historical Product Mix Versus Optimal Product Mix
  • Evaluate Last Donation Date Segmentation
  • Explore Response History
  • Investigate Conversation Flexibility


  • Propose Contact Frequency
  • Advocate Optimal Product Mix
  •  Advise Donor Segmentation Movement
  • Implement Response History Logic
  • Establish Conversation Framework



Incept maintains memberships with AABB, Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP), Professional Association for Customer Engagement, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  We are the charter sponsor of Conversations About Life, a program designed to bring national speakers to blood center events across the nation.  Incept is a 3-year sponsor of America’s Blood Centers’ Links for Life and a 2-year sponsor of the Foundation for America’s Blood Centers’ Unity Gala.