Incept: A Family-Oriented Workplace

Many workplaces have a certain atmosphere, whether it be a family-oriented atmosphere, professional atmosphere, or both! Here at Incept, we are one gigantic family, and that is the exact reason why I love it here so much. When anyone has a birthday, an anniversary, or just does a phenomenal job on the phones, you know about it and you celebrate with them. More often than not, we even get Sam Falletta, the CEO of the company, to sign the birthday cards.

My particular department, which is the training department, is very much my second family. We always give each other surprise parties when it’s one of our birthdays, and it makes you feel very appreciated and welcome. Unfortunately, it isn’t always fun and games all the time. So when it’s time to be professional, we always step up to the plate and bring our A-game. Also, whenever someone has something going on in their life that is bringing them down, there is always more than one of us that will be there for them to confide in and get advice from when needed. And that goes for the rest of the company too. If someone needs to talk about something, or if you just don’t feel too chipper one day, there are plenty of people here to help cheer you up or just give you a shoulder to lean on.

All in all, this is the best job I’ve had in a while. The amount of support and appreciation that is here every day is phenomenal. Although, we can’t forget that you do make a pretty penny here as well. Those two items combined will make me stay here for quite some time.

What’s your favorite part about Incept’s atmosphere?