Blood Center Inventory Strategy — right type, right product

At this point, we have all heard about “right type” blood donor recruitment.  We are all working on automated donations and increasing efficiency in blood donation.  But do we realize the financial importance of these decisions?

Far too often, we receive calls from a blood center who is struggling to manage their inventory levels.  A+ red cell collection is too high, AB platelets are low, and as always, there is never enough O- blood.  Managing inventory needs before it gets unbalanced requires time and effort—but will produce so much efficiency in your organization that you won’t know what to do with the time!

Your tele-recruitment department can set the stage for the donors coming in, but your on-site staff will be your largest resource in ensuring all of your collections are using right type methodology!

The best way to ensure the on-site staff is converting as many donors as possible is to provide them with the same coaching and sales skills training that you give to your tele-recruitment team.  The collection staff is fantastic at drawing blood and performing their clinical duties—but do they know how to sell a donor on the advantages of automation without being clinical?  This process needs to be comforting and all about the donor!  Giving these staff members training on customer service and sales will increase both your donor satisfaction, and your conversion percentages!