Back to School! Retaining School Age Donors

As more and more baby boomers age out of being able to donate blood, either for health reasons or for personal ones, our stable donor base changes!  We are used to our baby boomers steady donation schedules, sense of duty, and commitment to saving lives.  These donors are going to be replaced with a completely new group of donors—the millennials. 

With school starting back up soon, this is a prime time to re-engage the next generation in blood donation and the mission.  Take this opportunity to reinvigorate your marketing materials to focus on the younger generation!


Is your website as up to date as possible?  Now more than ever, your donors are going to check your website for details on upcoming drives, events, and promotions.  Make sure the information on your website is not only accurate but is easy to find and visually engaging!


The next generation of blood donors tends to engage in communication through more text-based mobile-friendly avenues, like a chat option on a website, or a text message conversation.  Explore these options to keep donors engaged all the time.  Make it as easy as possible for donors of all ages to contact you!

Social Media

Keep up an active social media presence.  Don’t just post when there is an urgent need for blood.  Stay engaged with your new donor base through social media promotions, conversations, and just-for-fun posts!  Never be afraid to engage someone who comments on your page—it gives them a sense of belonging to your organization!

While this new, different generation may challenge some of the marketing and practices that we have used for years in this industry, staying ahead of the times and engaging these donors will yield amazing results!  Staying ahead of the times and working to engage these donors this school season is imperative to growing a new, core donor base who will help save lives for years to come!