Blood Centers That Are Using Twitter

We love social media here at Incept. We really like interacting with our friends (and especially blood centers) from our own Twitter handle, @InceptSaves. Twitter recently followed in Facebook’s steps and went public, offering shares to private investors. Many people consider Twitter a very comprehensive source of what is going on in the world. Many people on Twitter stay up-to-date on world news through their feed and by watching different trending topics. Since part of our business deals with helping blood centers with their donor recruitment, we thought we’d take a look at who is using Twitter effectively and efficiently and give them a shoutout!

We Like The Way You Tweet

  • Suncoast Communities Blood Bank (@SuncoastBB) – Suncoast Communities Blood Bank is a blood bank that serves Sarasota area hospitals with the blood they require to treat patients. A big shoutout goes to Suncoast for stepping up their donor recognition, as well as educational efforts to help spread knowledge of donating blood.
  • Puget Sound Blood Center (@Bloodcenter) – Puget Sound Blood Center really impresses us with the way they interact directly with their donors online. They literally tweet “Thank you” to those donors who have donated with them and are keen to share donor and donation recipient experiences on their feed. Puget Sound Blood Center helps serve the western half of Washington state hospitals.
  • Be The Giving Type (@Bethegivingtype) – Be The Giving Type is a blood donor campaign set up to help spread awareness about blood donations to people all over the country. It is a campaign that is supported by LifeSource, Central Blood Bank, Geisinger Blood Center, and Virginia Blood Services. They are fairly new to Twitter, but we have a feeling they will be growing their following quickly! They have done a great job of sifting through blood donor content online to help educate their audience and, in turn, are poised to become effective curators on the topic.

Nicely done, blood centers!

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