Blood Drives and Sports Teams: Converting Fans Into Donors

Two of the most passionate groups of people in the world are sports fans and blood donors.

Both groups of enthusiasts will brave harsh weather, long drives and crowds of people to show support for their favorite team or their local blood center. Did you know, however, that sports fans and blood donors aren’t the only ones passionate about helping their communities?

Many professional sports teams have teamed up with their local blood centers to encourage their fans to become blood donors. From free tickets for the next big game to t-shirts signed by the players, some of your favorite teams and their fans are showing just how much heart they have by giving back to their communities and encouraging others to donate blood.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan. And that’s not just because of how well they play but also because of how closely they work with the American Red Cross to encourage new blood donors to join the cause. The Indians host several blood drives a year with the Red Cross, and their fans always show up in full force.

The Indians are not the only ones who focus on giving back to their community. The Chicago Bears also host several blood drives throughout the year and give away tickets for the mini training camp they run in a drawing for their blood donors.

For all of the Pittsburgh Steelers fans out there, your team isn’t forgotten! The Pittsburgh Steelers are well-known for hosting blood drives, especially around the winter holiday season when blood is needed the most.

The Indians, Steelers and Bears are far from being the only ones who work with blood center in their areas. No matter who you root for, you can be fairly confident that your team is supporting your community hospitals by hosting blood drives.