Blood Donor Recruitment Tip: Adding a Dialing Strategy

Donor database preservation is critical. Too many of our donors today are opting out of phone calls and when asked why, the reason is simple: they feel the blood center is calling too often.

Perception is everything. So keep in mind, to some donors, a call once a month is too frequent. What we have worked hard to do is find the balance of how often is enough to meet the needs of our clients, hospitals, and patients, as well as how long we can wait in between to reduce the Do Not Call requests from donors to a level that is acceptable.

Our findings have indicated that in today’s world with caller ID, we have to be as sensitive to a “dial” as we do an actual conversation because although we do not speak to the donor, they see our number on caller ID and know that we’ve attempted them.

All strategies are customized to every center’s needs and donor base, so please know that one solution does not fit all. That said, however, here are some generalities:

  • Dial a household no more than once every three (3) days.
  • Once you speak to a donor, wait at least 21 days before attempting the donor again (for those that say not right now, or they are unable).
  • For those who schedule an appointment but were not able to make it in, call them back the day after their appointment to make sure everything is okay and to get them rescheduled for a more convenient time.

Adhering to contact rules can reduce your Do Not Call’s by as much as 36%. This will help make your calling file last longer and bring in more lifesaving donations.

Begin using a dialing strategy with your calling efforts, and watch your results increase!