#RelationshipsMatter | Employee Spotlight: Sarah Nelson

Incept is a place where relationships matter. We're a creative, diverse, and engaging community uniting more than 200 team members with Fortune 500 companies, blood centers, and B2B sales teams across the United States and we want to share some of the stories from the people that make this team great every day.

Today we bring you Sarah Nelson, Incept's Marketing Manager.


Hi, my name is Sarah Nelson, I'm the Marketing Manager here at Incept.  I manage our digital and online brand, and I also work with many of our clients to manage their digital campaigns through alternative channels.

What I have enjoyed most about working in the contact center industry is that everything revolves around one conversation. If you can figure out how to drive that one conversation, make it meaningful for you and for the person on the other end of the phone, or on the other side of the computer, and make a difference in their life, change their thoughts, encourage them to go out and make a difference, that's been pretty cool to be a part of.

The thing I enjoy most about working here at Incept has to be the people. Clearly they've made culture a priority, so it is fun coming into work, I feel energized. I feel like I'm able to come in every day, work at being the best possible version of myself, whether that means in my current role, with my current responsibilities, or pushing the boundaries and being a part of some of the bigger conversations being had here at Incept.

The most exciting thing that's happened in the last year for me is that I found out my husband and I are going to be having a little boy!  It's going to be a big change, but we're super excited, and so ready to meet him.

Again, I'm Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager here at Incept, where relationships matter.


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