How Incept Prospects for New Donors

Let’s take into consideration some simple facts before we start:

  1. People are not using landline telephones as often as in the past.
  2. The population of eligible blood donors in America is shrinking.

What is a blood center with an ailing current donor base to do? Prospect for new donors.

I consider Incept to be the “A-team” of recruiting brand new donors. This is not simply because I myself do a lot of prospecting recruitment, but because we have so much experience recruiting new blood donors through cold calling, especially over the last three years.

As many blood centers across the nation deal with the decline in donors due to age, illness, or other assorted reasons, the need for blood doesn’t diminish. In the field of blood donor recruitment, Incept has specialized in prospecting brand new donors for clients who desire to build up their current donor base, as well as reactivate lapsed donors who might not have donated in quite some time.

When prospecting for new blood donors, here are some things that Incept keeps in mind as an organization so that we can be realistically successful.

New Donors to Keep the Flow

  • We train Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) who have strong back-end data, as well as personable conversational skills to be a prospecting program’s ambassadors.
  • We become as familiar as we can with the area that we are calling so that we can sound credible and be able to give directions and guidance for new donors.
  • We always shoot to schedule within 10 days. Data shows that a blood donor is much more likely to show up and actually donate if scheduled within this time frame.
  • We always maximize the call records by appropriately rebutting, documenting information, and asking if anyone else in the house can donate.
  • We specifically try to focus on appointments at donor centers for a more direct impact but also are able to incorporate mobile drives into our pitch at the client’s request.

With just the above points it is easy to see why prospecting campaigns for a blood center’s tele-recruitment efforts can be worthwhile. As long as you make sure you aren’t simply running through the phone records you have to call, and you are making an earnest effort with your scheduling abilities, your blood center will see some type of increase in relation to its current donor base.

Even though prospecting is a cold calling style of tele-recruitment campaign, its success lies directly in your representative’s delivery of the pitch, sense of education about donating blood, and ability to make each call personal!

How do you educate your representatives on how to take a “cold call”?