Why I Became a Program Results Coach at Incept

I have been working at Incept for just a little over a year now, and I love my job.

When I started here, I only had experience as a cashier, waitress and candy maker (at Milk and Honey). I had never worked in a call center before, but, by March, having been here for about 9 months as a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME), I was feeling very comfortable with my job. By that I simply mean that I knew what was expected of me, I knew how to accomplish those things, and I have to say I was getting a little anxious for something different. I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys a changing environment, and despite doing something amazing by helping bring people in to save lives by donating blood, sitting in a cubicle most of the day would sometimes become monotonous. It works great for some folks, but I guess I just need to be a bit more active.  This, in part, could be due to the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I get awfully sleepy when I’m sitting still for that long!

Then one day I noticed a post in the contact center for a new Program Results Coach opening. I was only familiar with the job as far as what I had seen the coaches do when they are out on the floor, but I did not fully understand what else was included. So I read the job posting, and I was intrigued. Of course, there were tasks listed on the post that I was not familiar with, but I had faith that I would be adequately trained, and that I would be able to learn quickly. At the time, I was going to school to become a teacher, so I thought to myself, “This job would be great experience for my future! I’ll be able to learn some techniques that could be very useful to my career, while enjoying a nice change of pace.”

So, I filled out the application, explaining why I would like to be a coach and what qualifies me, and a few weeks later I was informed that I had been accepted into the coach training class. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to start coaching and be able to be active, while still having the opportunity to make phone calls some of the time.

Regardless of not planning to teach as a career anymore, I have really enjoyed my time as a coach thus far. I get to spend every day at work surrounded by some of the nicest people I’ve met, who are fun to work with and easy to get along with. I get to help people make the best phone calls that they can with the ultimate goal of bringing in as many blood donors as possible so that hospitals can save as many lives as possible. I am definitely glad I made the decision to apply for the open Program Results Coach position and am looking forward to growing and evolving.

Thank you to everyone who makes my job enjoyable every day!