Blood Donor Update - 800 Blood Donations and Still Going!

In 2013, we wrote an article about a very special blood donor named Bob Hungerschafer:

700 Blood Donations and Still Going!

Last Friday, a blood donor made his 700th blood donation. Starting when he was 18 years, Bob Hungerschafer has donated platelets every other Saturday since. Along the way, he even made his mark on the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for most blood donated! He recently gained a challenger, his 16-year-old son who has just made his 4th donation.

Congratulations, Bob Hungerschafer! You have saved so many lives and are an inspiration to so many people!

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, at Bloodworks Northwest, Mr. Hungerschafer is scheduled to give his 800th life-giving blood/platelet donation! This marvelous achievement will add to his current World Record in blood donation.

Bob's dog Athena and cat Kitty are now inspirations for other dogs and cats to donate blood too!  Dr. Sullivan is the only Veterinarian in the country using apheresis machines to obtain dog platelets, the same process being used at Bloodworks Northwest. Athena and Kitty have also been submitted for World Records for their blood donations at the Northwest Veterinary Blood Bank.

Thank you to the Hungerschafer family for your incredible compassion and devotion to your community. You are an inspiring example to us all!