Conversational Marketing: Its Origin and Our Definition

Here is our President, Sam Falletta, talking about how Conversational Marketing has evolved over time and how Incept has adopted the term to help revive our mission, vision, and brand:

That said, what specifically makes something conversational marketing versus another form? Here’s my take:

Conversational Marketing…

  • Involves two willing participants – The organization/brand has been invited into the discussion or is, at the very least, welcome if it comes knocking on the door.
  • Involves personalized, custom communication – This can be written, verbal, online, etc. The key is to ensure such communciation is directly related to the consumer and their needs.
  • Involves listening – Listen, both locally and globally, to the discussions that are happening about your organization and ask to be involved in those discussions.
  • Strengthens the relationship between the organization and the donor/consumer – Regardless of whether or not a transaction takes place, conversational marketing engages the consumer in a way that strengthens their relationship with the brand. After you’re invited to dinner, are you more or less likely to be invited back?

Conversational marketing is about creating better results by listening, responding and improving relationships. Let’s be sure to talk collectively about the definition so we can clear up some misconceptions in the industry. Sound good?

What’s your definition of conversational marketing?