Case Study: Platelet Donor Recruitment

For years blood centers have battled with never having enough inventory.  Then the industry had a surplus.  Now we find ourselves attempting to react to both problems, often in the same month!  How do we, as organizational leaders, create a strategy that is cost effective, flexible to our changing needs, and stable enough to keep us moving forward in the future?

Automated blood donations allow blood centers to collect the most essential components in that moment.  It really is the answer the blood donation industry has searched for.    While many blood centers leave the conversion of donors up to the collections staff at donor sites (which see very few positive results), there is a real opportunity in transporting that responsibility to the tele-recruitment staff.

Over the past 6 years, Incept has developed an automated tele-recruitment strategy with some of our largest clients.  We use a calling strategy that identifies the best time and best donors to achieve the highest impact which we constantly analyze and adjust.  Our recruitment team receives continuous education and development so that they have the tools needed to educate donors on the need and importance of specific donation types and prepares donors for a successful donation.

Using this methodology, Incept has seen dramatically successful results.  As a highlight, we will discuss the success of the campaign since February of 2015 around platelet donations for one of our clients below.

Platelet Donor Recruitment

New platelet donors have always been one of the hardest groups to recruit.  The donation process is longer and a bit more inconvenient for the donor, so when given the quicker opportunity of donating whole blood, most donors will jump at that option.  While none of us would pass up a blood donation of any kind, it is much more beneficial to blood centers and the patients in need to receive a platelet donation compared to a whole blood donation from a less compatible blood type.

In order to assist each blood center in optimizing their inventory based on today’s levels and tomorrow distribution needs, Incept built a strategic campaign for recruiting automated donors using the automation principles in the chart outlined below.  Based on inventory and need, what is offered by blood type could change – daily!


  • Incept has generated 50.87% of this client’s platelet collection goal.
  • Scheduling previous platelet donors for another platelet or platelet combo donation resulted in a front-end conversion rate of 92.34%.
  • By targeting A+ male donors for a platelet donation, Incept has successfully converted 83.52% of the donors spoken to.

What do these results really mean?  The right product, at the right time, and at a lower cost!