Remember the Number Three: The Lives Saved with a Blood Donation

Every day that you come into work, we preach about numbers.

We tell you to watch your numbers or to get your numbers up. A very important number that we educate you about is our unit goal number, but one number we often forget about is the number three. Three is how many lives one unit of blood can save.

From the very first day I started working at Incept, I knew what we did was important and very special. I’ve been with the company for almost five years now, and it wasn’t until last week that it sank in just how important what we do really is.

I stopped over at my parents’ house to visit, and my mom told me the awful news: our neighbor had to have emergency surgery, and she almost didn’t make it because she lost so much blood. Her surgery required six units of blood! I’ve known my neighbor since the day we moved into the neighborhood, because she had a daughter my age (and we quickly became friends). She is a wonderful person with a heart of gold. She would do anything to help anyone, and, for once, I felt like I was able to help her.

Even though we don’t recruit donors in this area, the impact we can have on someone’s life really hit me hard, because of what we do each and every day. So the next time we preach to you about numbers, remember the number three.