How To Personalize A Blood Donor Recruitment Phone Call

Personalize Recruitment Calls

On the new Conversational Quality process, one of the important indicators under conversational skills is personalizing the phone call. Personalizing every phone call is important, because it allows you to build a relationship that encourages the donor to donate again. To begin, personalizing a phone call is something that new Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) may struggle with, but there are several things you can add to your phone calls that help enhance the donor’s understanding of the blood bank or the importance of their blood donation to the community.

Personalizing Via Donation History

One of the key ways a CME can personalize a phone call is by looking in the donor’s profile to see how many times they have donated with the blood center in the past. One of the most common facts about donating blood is that every donation can save as many as three lives. When we look at the donor’s profile to see how many donations they have made with the blood center, we are then able to multiply those donations by three and tell the donor that they saved all of those lives with their donations. By telling the donor how many lives they have saved, we are painting a picture of how important their donations are, which will make them want to donate again.

Personalizing Via Rewards

Another way to personalize the phone call is by using the Donor Center’s rewards program to let the donor know how they are able to benefit from the rewards. Look at the donor’s profile, and see how many reward points they have. Then inform the donor about what they are eligible to receive with those points. These rewards are ways to entice donors to come and donate so that the blood center can ensure that the blood supply stays at a safe level thanks to repeat blood donos looking forward to earning rewards.

Personalizing Via Conversation

Not all blood centers have donor profiles to look at. When the blood centers don’t have profiles, it is more difficult to personalize a call. However, if the donor says something about their personal life, this is a great time to connect with them on a deeper level and have a conversation with the donor about their interests. Having a legitimate conversation with the donor makes it easier to ask them for the appointment and makes them more likely to agree to it.

There are many ways to personalize the phone call, but the three examples given above are very effective. Personalizing the phone call is important because it allows us to connect to the donor, and it helps us to inform them so that they are more likely to come in and donate again. Personalizing the call will ultimately benefit both the donor and our company, which is why it is important to always implement it in your phone calls.

How do you personalize your blood donor recruitment calls?