InceptGives Update: Reaching Out to Students Locally

Helping locally is something we take pride in and seek to do as often as possible at Incept. Just recently the InceptGives team made a donation to a local classroom in Canton, OH. Ms. Blocher, through, asked for a donation to purchase a Wii for her students. Lacking motor skills, her students have been diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers syndrome. Using a Wii helps the students develop their eye-hand coordination and patience. They also feel really good about themselves when they do well, and it allows them to get some physical activity instead of just sitting all day.

“Wii therapy also aims to teach our students to create coordinated movements with their extremities by building on simple movements like clicking a button, to more complex ones like those used in bowling that involve eyes, hands, and feet,” said Mrs. Blocher.

The InceptGives board decided to fund the whole project so Ms. Blocher, teacher at Summit Academy, could purchase the Wii. “Supporting our local community is very important, both to our board and our employees, so when we find opportunities such as this, it is incredibly rewarding. Ms. Blocher is always searching for creative and fun ways to use technology in her classroom to enrich the lives of her students. To a child with Autism or Aspergers, motor skills and social skills can be a tremendous challenge, and we felt a Wii would be a great way to help with hand-eye coordination, get the students up and moving, and also teach them about teamwork and sportsmanship,” said Billie Johnson, Vice President of Client Services of Incept and InceptGives board member.