Blood Signal: Your Sign As A Blood Donor That We Need Your Blood Donation

We all know the Bat Signal. Commissioner Gordon shines it in the night sky when Gotham needs their hero, Batman! The Bat Signal is used to help fight crime. Well, the Australian Red Cross has created the Blood Signal! While not used to fight crime, it’s still used to help save lives.

The Blood Signal was created to alert blood donors of the critical need for blood. It will only be used in times when the need is now, and it will be used on multiple social networks along with the radio to alert donors and non-donors, so they can help spread the word.

“When you see the Blood Signal, it means we need donors now. No ‘ifs’. No ‘buts’,” Blood Service Spokesman Shaun Inguanzo said.

On their website dedicated to the Blood Signal, there have already been over 24,000 visits since the launch of the program. The feature of video focuses on how the signal will be used and brings in your Facebook information to really demonstrate the power you have just with your connections alone. The power of one person multiplies when you reach out to your connections, who then reach out theirs, and so on and so on. The Australian Red Cross has developed an easy way to help spread their need for blood by using the powers of their followers!

Will you answer the signal and donate when the time is need?