Blood Donor Recruitment Tip: Schedule Appointments Within Ten Days

Looking for some ways to improve your blood donor recruitment strategies? Did you know that you can increase your show rate by nearly 12% if you schedule a donor’s appointment within 10 days of your conversation with them? Getting the blood donor to schedule their appointment sooner rather than later helps keep the appointment fresh in the mind. In addition, the sooner you can get them in to donate the less likely they are to have something else come up that would cause them not to show up for their donation.

Blood donors are busy, especially as we approach the holiday season. That is why it is so critical to get them in the door quickly. When speaking with a donor, make sure your Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) are being assumptive when scheduling the appointment. Instead of asking, “What day works best for you?”, have them say, “Do weekends or weekdays work best for you?” Once the donor responds, the CME should provide the next available weekend day or weekday, so they are staying within the recommended 10-day window.

If your donor does state that the next 10 days are too busy, it is OK to schedule them past the 10-day mark, as long as the CME made the attempt. Remember: the end goal is to schedule an appointment that works with the donor so they come in and make that lifesaving donation.

Try this simply technique with your blood donor recruitment strategy, and watch your results increase!

In what other ways have you tried to improve your blood donor recruitment results?