Your Voice: More Than Just a Sound

Lately I’ve been drawing more and more again, which feels nice. I’ve had recent inspiration that has finally broken my self-induced, three-year-long creative block.

I was always big into Surrealism in artwork. Nothing had to make sense to be beautiful or wondrous; you simply got a feel for a particular piece based on your first impression when looking at it. Hearing a human voice can be just like that, only for the ears, not the eyes.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and given yourself a really long stare? Not in a vain or narcissistic manner, but a stare that examines what or who you really are as a person? While our looks age with time, and the years will pass, our voices will also change. To me, my voice isn’t just something I talk with but something I’ve grown up with. It is not only the sound that comes out of my mouth, but also the voice of reason in my head that speaks when I’m thinking or reading silently. Notice how your voice, while being something you cannot see (in comparison to your body), is probably one of the most distinguishing characteristics that makes you a human being.

I say this all because while listening to CMEs (Conversational Marketing Experts) make calls to blood donors across America, I can hear just how genuine, comforting, and knowledgeable they are in their voices. You can always tell when the person on the other end really cares about what is going on in your life, as opposed to when you are quickly being surveyed and treated like just another call. I think that is what makes Incept so unique in the approach we take when recruiting blood donors as successfully as we have. We simply treat them like people and try to have the best conversations we can with them. We do not strive to build meaningless relationships, but rather legitimate and positive rapport with the blood donor.

We are able to build this comradeship between blood donors and their centers by simply understanding that while our voice might be our biggest tool on the phones, it is also, in essence, who we are.

Think of a positive and negative customer service experience you have had on the phone. What did the customer service reps’ voices sound like? Were they caring and helpful or unconcerned and apathetic?

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