Keys to Second-Attempting

Second-attempting can, for many people, be a difficult part of the job.

Whether you are unsure of what so say or are nervous about how it will be received, second-attempting often is a point of anxiety for people. Despite the anxiety you may experience, second-attempting is very important and is the easiest way to increase your stats and raise the potential lives you save.

Here are a few tips about how to second-attempt effectively:

  1. Think of second-attempting as your way to solve the problem that is preventing the donor from coming in to give blood. If a donor is too busy, not feeling up to it, unsure of their schedule, etc., it is your job to tell the donor why what they thought was an issue causing them to be unable to donate is really no problem at all.
  2. Second, use LAMA! LAMA is a great way to make conversation, even if you are not sure what to say.

First LISTEN: pay attention to what your donor is saying, and really listen to what they need. Then ACKNOWLEDGE: Let them know that you heard them and understand them. Saying a simple sentence starting with “I understand that…” can be very helpful. Next MAKE A STATEMENT: Let the donor know what you can do for them. Will you be scheduling them a few weeks out? Reminding them about the reschedule number? What is your solution to the problem they presented? Finally ASK A QUESTION: Finish with a strong trial close “with that in mind, would a weekend or weekday be more convenient for you?”

Try some of these tips, or ask a coach or supervisor if you have any questions about how to second-attempt, what to say or how to use LAMA. We would love to help you!

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