How to Keep the Motivation to Donate Blood

Lately, my car ( a 95′ Camaro Z28, which I lovingly refer to as Xerxes) has been the absolute dirtiest it has ever been.

Oddly enough, if you live in the Ohio area, we are currently experiencing a very relaxed winter when it comes to snowfall and temperature. So as a gear head, this pleases me. There hasn’t been a lot of salt on the roads, nor has there been too much powder to plow through. Even still, Xerxes continues to serve as a magnet for dust, mud, and bird droppings. Occasionally as I glance outside my apartment window to gaze upon the concrete jungle in which I live, I’ll catch the Z28 staring up at me, beckoning me to take it to my parents to wash its fiery, scarlet exterior. And in that moment, when I’m staring right back at it, visualizing how awesome it would look with a fresh coat of wax and almost ready to take it to the quarter wash, all of a sudden I find that the Xbox 360 takes away any desire to clean my car. Motivation for some things in my life is definitely fleeting.

However, in my professional life at Inceptusually my motivation to do well in my job is my source of creativity! Odd how that works, huh? Since one of the biggest things we do at Incept is help blood banks and blood centers around the United States recruit blood donors right there in their communities, whenever the opportunity presents itself to give blood I always try to donate myself.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to practice what I preach as a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME). Like many blood donors in my age range, I started donating blood in high school, and even after I graduated I continued to drop by the occasional community blood drive. Quite honestly, getting out of class and receiving free Chipotle for donating blood were both really good motivators. But it wasn’t until I came to Incept that I found a new source of motivation for being a blood donor.

I have talked with blood donors that have donated over 100 times! I have talked with many elderly blood donors who – even into their golden years at 75 and 80 years old – continue to donate. I have talked with the soccer moms with four or five kids who, despite already having a full to-do list, are able to kindly schedule a blood donation with me at their local grocery store. Even talking with current high school blood donors I have been highly motivated when I see someone so young that has already donated so much. These reasons and more are why I feel like it’s impossible to say no when there is a blood drive at Incept.

How could I say no to giving such a small amount of blood? I could be saving the lives of infants and children, cancer patients, car accident victims, burn victims, sickle-cell patients, or at the very least improving the lives of those people.

I have always known donating blood really does help people out and does save lives, but it was only when I became a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) almost two years ago now that I really heard how significant those impacts really are. Knowing all that I do now about donating blood and talking with so many donors, how and why wouldn’t I be constantly motivated to donate blood when I can? I do it because I believe in the good that comes from donating, and I see that in many other people employed at Incept.

On that note, I think next time I donate blood at my own local center, I’ll be sure to grab a handful of quarters for my z28. The quarter wash is right down the road.

When it comes to life, how do you motivate yourself to do something?

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