How Incept’s Clients Use Our Services

There is more to Conversational Marketing than meets the eye. Here at Incept, we strive not to be telemarketers but Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs), and we put our clients and their clients (the hospitals) first.

We do a lot of work with blood centers all across the country. For blood centers, spring and fall

are the times when most people are available to donate. Schools, businesses and many communities host local blood drives and donors are able to donate at a place that’s very convenient for them. During the winter and summer, however, donors tend to be very busy. Between children being out of school, vacations, holidays and numerous other activities, it can be difficult for donors to find the time to come in and donate.

Unfortunately, these are the times when blood shortages are at their worst. More people on the roads traveling and bad weather during the winter months, means a higher chance of accidents and illness. Hospitals need blood, and the blood centers strive to supply it for them.

This is where we can be a big help. Incept offers a plan for blood centers who might need help during these particular times of the year, but not during the spring and fall seasons. For them, Incept can be like a faucet.

Once we’ve spoken with a blood center, and had a chance to set up, we can be ready to help them out within 48 hours. Our Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) can reach out to the donors on behalf of the blood center and schedule appointments for these hectic times of the year. Then, once spring or fall comes back around and things go back to normal, the blood center can simply “turn off the faucet” and go back to scheduling their donors as they normally would. By diverting the workload during these stressful times of the year, valuable internal resources are freed up for the blood center, giving them more time to do what they do best: care for their blood donors.

Meeting the needs of our clients and being flexible is what we do best. By working with a blood center on a case-by-case basis, we can be sure that we’re doing our absolute best to produce meaningful results not just for them but for their donors and the hospitals they serve.

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