A Few Tips to Make the Most of Your Tweet

I used to think tweeting was for the birds, but now I’m tweeting just about every day.

Of course, I’m talking about using Twitter.

I really can appreciate Twitter now that I have a better understanding of what it actually is. Whenever you hear the words “social media,” you likely think almost immediately of Facebook, because it is the current titan when it comes the amount of general users in the world of social commerce. Being an Internet Conversational Marketing Expert (iCME) for Incept gives me the chance to view and use Twitter as much more than a social network. It can be summed up as one giant conversation going on between users about (almost) anything and everything.

A tweet is not just a tweet. A tweet can be anything. It can be a useful piece of information, an opinion and also a question or other conversation starter. I encourage people to tweet what they feel, but also implore them to use a little foresight and consider how your tweet will be responded to. What is your main objective in posting that certain tweet? Are you looking to drive interaction among your followers? Are you simply expressing your viewpoint on a topic? Are you simply looking to spread a piece of knowledge?

Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips to tweet successful, thought-provoking tweets to your followers:

  • Tweet about something you love

While I do tweet about topics pertaining to Incept, I also tweet about motorcycles, cars, pop culture, rock music, fine arts, awesome food, current breakthroughs in science and really anything I find of interest. As a result, I frequently interact with like-minded people. Tweeting about personal interest from time to time, instead of just business-oriented subject matter can go a long way towards being personal with your followers. It can make you seem more real rather than just someone who is interesting in pushing their own agenda,which, in turn, will make you more likable and follower-friendly.

  • Make your tweet a question

We all love to tweet about the awesome sub we had for lunch, or how we are jammin’ out to our favorite tunes. That’s nice and all, but people will generally pass over tweets that do not relate to how they are feeling or what they are interested in. An easy way to overcome this is to make a statement and then ask a question. Here’s a basic example. Brian_Incept: Just got done watching Spartacus. I love that show! What is one of your favorite shows? When tweets end in a question, they are easier to respond to.

  • Include your followers in your tweets

Probably the best part about Twitter is all the cool people I’ve met. I’ve met social media gurus, CEOs, doctors, musicians, race car drivers, artists and many other enjoyable human beings. Everyone likes to be mentioned on Twitter, and I’m  no different. Whenever I’m tweeting about content that might be relevant to one of my followers, I’m sure to mention them along with it. If you do this, not only are you interacting with them as your follower, but you are interacting on a more personal level.

Whatever it comes down to, no matter how technologically-advanced the human race tries to be, there will always remain the constant need to be human. If you are more interested in talking and interacting with me personally then follow me on Twitter! I do practice what I preach!

How do you tweet?