Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play: Analyzing The Concept of Teams in Telecommunications

What is a company, but a large group of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal?

At Incept over the last few months we have formed groups of competitive teams amongst our Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs). In the industry of telecommunications, success is usually something that every firm out there wants to taste immediately through the attainment of high front-end statistics. The sad thing is most of these companies, in wake of their initial achievements, fail to recognize the importance and cost-saving measures of analyzing the whole picture of their client’s goals and available statistics.  Sure, your reps might be running above goal, but could they be doing better collectively? Is the idea of creating small, competitive teams of reps a cost-saving and performance-boosting plan for you contact center?

How Creating Teams of Representatives for Your Company Can Lead to Further Success

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”? That might hold true to us at Incept, if one of our core values wasn’t being never satisfied.

I’m a huge fan of Mad Men since I work in the office world. I can’t help but to think of Don Draperwhen I enter through Incept’s doors. He is a character that is not satisfied with just doing good; he wants the highest level of performance he can get for his advertising firm and will fine-tune the way things are run at his company until that golden level of homeostasis is won.

At Incept we formed teams amongst our Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) for a variety of different reasons. Here are a few of those reasons and the benefits that we as a company have reaped from this type of employee management.

  • It further solidifies our family like company culture.

One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on at Incept is being a workplace that people truly can form friendships at. We support this notion fully. It is rewarding to win as a company, but to win as a family of friends who happen to work at the same company can taste even sweeter. Our Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) form relationships with each other creating camaraderie, helpfulness on the floor, self-governing employee accountability, and even a little bit of friendly competition between fellow teams.

  • It allows us to focus on individual performance attributes.

So many contact centers think success lies in front-end stats, but in all reality for Incept, we look at the whole picture. We keep track of each Conversational Marketing™ Expert’s (CME’s) personal statistics for their outbound goals, update times between calls, schedule-to-date appointments, and even personal variance. All of these personal stats get taken into account for each team’s success. When these stats are all kept in mind, we are able to effectively see where the CME might need help in a certain area and give them positive reinforcement and education on what they are doing good at and how they can do better. This idea gives the CME personal accountability for their own performance and actions as their success can only further their team’s success. Creating friendly competition is a good thing!

  • It places emphasis on goals that are important to our clients that determine our own success.

Our own President, Sam Falletta, has made it personally clear at multiple Employee of the Month meetings within the company that Incept operates with our clients in mind first, then Incept’s goals next, following with the employee. When we take a concept such as creating teams amongst the CMEs and setting those client goals as a precursor to our own success, then we have literally created an employee that understands why we are doing what we are doing and takes those client goals into consideration as their own through their personal performance. It really is that simple.

Does your company have teams of employees striving towards the same goals? What are some more benefits behind this technique of community management?