Donating Blood in Honor of His Father

After his father passed away in July 2011 from cancer, Neil Bernsteinmade it his mission to continue doing what his father, Frank Bernstein, did faithfully 532 times before passing: roll up his sleeve and donate blood. In January 2012, on the third anniversary of his father reaching a milestone of 500 donations, Neil donated for the first time atCanadian Blood Services.

“His motto was always: ‘Somebody has to do it,’” said Neil of his father’s reasoning for donating blood so loyally for over four decades. Becoming a loyal donor himself, using Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites, Neil has recruited an additional 181 loyal donors. With a combined total of 681 blood donations, they have surpassed Frank’s record of donations.

Since there is always a need for blood, the work that Neil and his team have done in Frank’s honor has been an important part of saving lives in Vancouver!