Should Blood Banks Have Metrics?

On a recent visit to a blood center, we began a discussion about metrics. The recruiters (a.k.a. telerecruiters, agents, callers, conversational marketing experts, etc.) expressed to me that there’s no place for metrics in blood banking, because we are only about saving lives.

The statement struck me as odd. Yes, we are about saving lives! Yes, we are about making a difference! Yes, we are about providing patients with a second chance! But isn’t it possible to do all of that and still run a financially healthy organization? Of course we know the answer to that. My quandary is more on the level of how to empower our recruitment staff, or even collections staff (and for non-blood bank organizations, staff in general), so that they understand the business implications of such mentalities.

I believe knowledge is power. Putting someone in a cubicle and telling them to do their job and not worry about the rest of the business is not the way to unify or grow the organization. Some of the greatest leaders I have known in my life have made their way onto my “greatest” list because they filled my brain with the “why” behind all of the tasks I was charged with executing, projects I was leading and decisions I was making.

So, I am asking my blood bankers, business leaders and executers: How do you empower your staff so that they fully understand your mission? Can anyone ever have too much information?

I say no, but would love your input.