Blood Donor Recruitment for Cats and Dogs

Donating blood is a pretty common part of human life, considering how often blood is transfused for trauma patients and surgeries.

At Incept, donor recruitment is a major part of our everyday lives. But what about blood donor recruitment for animals? The Animal Blood Register has stepped in to take care of that. Animals can be involved in accidents, and they can need emergency surgery too. I’m sure all of you with pets would want your pet to have access to compatible blood if anything were ever to go wrong.

The Animal Blood Register allows people to sign their pets up to be donors, and that information is passed along to veterinary hospitals and clinics so that (if necessary) they can collect a donation from that animal. Furthermore, it allows clinics in need to sign up so that owners with potential donors know where to go.

The Animal Blood Register deals mostly with cat and dog blood donations, since these are the most common pets that have surgery. To some, it might seem like a strange concept to take your pet in to donate blood. However, think about the fact that you (and your pet) could be helping someone avoid losing a loved one, just like with human blood donations.

Our pets are always there for us, so let’s be there to keep them safe and healthy by taking the necessary steps to be prepared for traumatic situations. Maybe someday there will even be Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs), like ourselves, out there calling pet owners to ask if they’d allow their pets to help save a life by donating.