Spotlighting Incept’s Lifesaver Program

Being rewarded for a hard day’s work is awesome. Anyone would agree.

At Incept we help community blood centers all across America build stronger relationships with their donor bases. We don’t merely set appointments for blood donations, we also have real, genuine conversations with people in the middle of their everyday lives. It is important to know that anyone can make an appointment, but not everyone can have a conversation which results in creating a positive (and lasting) impact when the receiver has been hung up.

Hard work and good conversations are rewarded at Incept, and why shouldn’t they be? Aside from our core values, consistent quality conversations with real people are one of Incept’s cornerstones. That is why we have the Incept Lifesaver Program to reward Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) who really have exceptional conversations with not only our current donor base but new blood donors as well. Here is more about how Incept’s Lifesaver Program works and how it benefits our Conversational Marketing Experts.

There is a certain amount of Lifesaver points awarded for each type of donation Conversational Marketing Experts recruit for. When a new donor is recruited and donates blood when scheduled, that results in ten Lifesaver points for the CME who had the conversation and scheduled the appointment with that donor. Other examples include two Lifesaver points for scheduling a successful blood donation for a current donor (a donor that donates every 8 weeks), as well as six Lifesaver points for scheduling an apheresis donation that was successful.

There are levels in the Lifesaver program that reward Conversational Marketing Experts and directly correlate with how many points they have. Level One encompasses 0-100 points; and the program ranges all the way to Level Twenty at 13,001-14,000 points. The rewards include t-shirts, coffee mugs, leather shoulder bags and even an all-expenses-paid, three-day, two night vacation. With each level increase comes a greater reward. It should also be noted that when a successful CME gains points it is reflected in Incept’s Lifesaver bonus on their paycheck.

Incept’s Lifesaver program keeps our employees motivated to always do their best and consistently increase their job skills. As they gain more experience in assessing the needs of the donor, and listening to make donating convenient, points begin adding up quickly. The Lifesaver program can be viewed as an extra pat on the back in the spirit of one of our core values – Never Satisfied. And in this case, CMEs are never satisfied with anything short of continuous improvement.

Companies willing to take a step forward and reward employees performing at a top-level can attest to the benefit of boosted employee morale. At Incept the Lifesaver rewards program isn’t just a points system meant to measure success, but rather an encouraging tool used to sharpen the skills and morale of our employees.

If you had a company, how would your reward success? How would you inspire and motivate?