A Mixed Bag of Personalities

I am not one of those people who are content with just vanilla. I actually quite prefer having a variety of options in life – from the clothes I wear to the food I eat and everything else in between.

When it comes to company culture at Incept, I think that is one of our strongest points as an organization. It is a company culture that feels more like a family than anything, and that family is made up of multiple personalities – some wild, some mild. But at the end of the day, it all seems to work into this giant, driving force of camaraderie. The thing is everyone brings something to the table, professionally and personally. Certain Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) have different techniques and work styles that rub off on one another and helps our employees to be more self-sufficient when it comes to problem solving. Furthermore, everyone is generally willing to lend advice and share their techniques.

Overall, workplace diversity is very important and sadly seems to be overlooked by many corporations trying to climb the ladder to a world-class level. Here is some insight into what Incept’s diversity amongst our employees is and how it works for us:

  • We embrace a “melting pot” ideal.

When you walk into Incept, one of the first things you read is, “Through these doors walk exceptional people” on the main office door. That definitely is not an understatement. What is also not an understatement is the fact that Incept has many different demographics of people, culturally and metaphorically. Whether it’s the student working through college, the mother that just dropped her child off at daycare, or even the part-time mixed martial artist (and trust me, we do have a few at Incept!), without a doubt all these people contribute to the overall atmosphere of the workplace at Incept. It’s awesome to see so many people at lunch or on break hanging out and chatting it up like old friends, when in reality if you saw some of these people outside of work, you’d never think they could get along.

  • Diversity is spread among management.

How often do you see a company where diversity is somewhat healthy amongst the company’s general employee culture, but then hits a wall when it comes to upper management? Not at Incept. One of the driving forces behind this mantra of multifariousness is the fact that when you look at our upper management team, it isn’t just carbon copies of one type of person. The fact that management is so diversified with different mind types and characters creates the opportunity to look at situations in different perspectives, adding an effective boost to being able to solve problems more efficiently and creatively.

  • New employees are more relaxed.

When I see a new training group for the first time at Incept, I notice the anxiousness and nervousness on the expressions they wear upon their face. But I can remember being nervous my first day at Incept; I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt like I was the new kid at school. The reason why I have developed such a passion for what I do at Incept, along with many of my fellow coworkers, is the fact that right out of the gate I could see the type of culture at Incept and how diversified it was. That made me feel that I could fit in. I didn’t feel like a black sheep because I was new, rather I felt that when I came out of training I was accepted not only as a coworker, but as a fellow peer. And that is all basically because of the company culture at Incept. When I had rough days or wasn’t feeling up to being conversational, it is my coworkers that pulled me through.

I could ramble and rant all day about how diversified Incept is. When it comes to company culture and being diverse, what are some more benefits of diversity amongst employees in the workplace?