Scheduling Your Blood Donor’s Appointments Within 10 Days: Why Does That Matter?

The reason it is so important to schedule a blood donor within 10 days of making the appointment is because they are far more likely to keep their appointment. When a blood donor keeps their appointment, a relationship is strengthened among all parties involved. The blood donor has the satisfaction of saving a life, the blood center gets a unit of blood to help area hospitals, and it helps us to meet our client goals to ensure that the blood centers have a safe blood supply!

It is actually beneficial for you as a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) as well. Scheduling donor wifi thin 10 days of your call increases your productive donor rate (PDR); this is the number of blood donors who actually show up for their appointment compared to the number of blood donors you schedule. You will have many more blood donors coming in the door if they are scheduled within 10 days because the appointment will be fresh on their mind. This will prevent blood donors from forgetting about the appointment and double-booking themselves.

You can make many changes in the presentation of your call to help guide the blood donor to choose a convenient appointment that fits their busy schedule within 10 days out. Ask the donor which is more convenient as far as weekdays or weekends? If you are calling on a Thursday or Friday and their response is weekends, don’t assume this weekend is automatically out. Offer the first thing available, the worst thing they can do is say no. Also use any promotions being offered to your advantage. Most centers offer bonus points for coming in over the weekend, so you could word your trial close like this: “ I’d love to get you scheduled for this Saturday so you don’t miss out on the extra bonus points. What time are you usually available on Saturdays, mornings or afternoons?

So do yourself, the blood center, and Incept a favor by trying these tips and keeping this information in the back of your mind to gain more lifesaving blood donations!