Summer Blood Donations Matter!

There is nothing I love more than a hot and sweaty, rock-and-roll type of summer. When it’s summer time, the sunroof is always open, the music is always blaring, the heat is always rising up from the pavement, and the sun becomes a personal friend through September.

The need for blood never takes a vacation!

If you are a blood center, on the other hand, summer can be your most challenging time of the year – even harder than during the holiday season – to get folks to donate lifesaving blood donations.

Here is just a quick refresher on the importance of summer blood donations.

Why Don’t People Donate During the Summer?

  • Schools and colleges where blood drives are hosted throughout the year are let out on summer break. A large percentage of the blood supply comes from these blood drives specifically.
  • With an increase in pleasant weather and warmer temperatures, there is an increase in people being more active and busy in their personal lives with vacations and other activities.
  • Many athletics take place during the warmer months, and people who are athletes (and who are blood donors) tend to be apprehensive during the practice season or while training.

What are Some Reasons Why Blood is Needed During the Summer?

  • An increase in travel and vacations unfortunately means an increase in the need for lifesaving blood donations.
  • All blood types are usually needed, but O+ and O-, along with B- and A-, are the most requested blood types (in order) to meet patient demand.
  • Warmer weather means riskier activities, like extreme sports, motorcycle riding, etc. Activities like that can be fun, but if you are seriously injured, they can result in the need for blood transfusions.

If you really want to make an impact this summer, you should check into what type of donation your blood type can be maximized with. For me, since my blood type is O+, that means I would be helping more people if I give a red cell donation. I encourage all of you to check into why your type matters, and donate blood at this crucial time of the year if you haven’t already!