A Gel That Stops Bleeding, Instantly?

A college student at NYU has created a gel that stops bleeding on contact.

“Apparently, the substance, dubbed Veti-Gel, works by activating the the body’s natural blood-clotting mechanism and enabling the wound-healing process to go into effect immediately. Inventor Joe Landolina, an undergraduate at NYU, says he’s tested his creation on wounded rats as well as a wounded person who suffered a severe burn injury.”

There are products similar to Veti-Gel, but they don’t offer the distinct advantages that it does. Most notably, it works on contact and can be stored in a tube at any temperature. The product is still a ways from being market-ready, but Landolina is looking for researchers to test the product. He has also applied for a patent, as well as applied for grants through the military for further research. Lastly, Veti-Gel has been submitted it to the FDA for approval.

Can you imagine how many lives will be saved by this gel if it gets approved and is able to be used globally?