I’m a Converational Marketing Expert NOT a Telemarketer

Sometimes it takes some education to make people realize the meaning behind an occupational title.

I love when people ask me what I do at Incept, because, to be honest with you, I always am doing something different almost every single day. Whether that be shooting a new video for our Facebook page, writing a blog post much like the one you are currently reading, or making phone calls to blood donors on behalf of our clients. At the root of it all, though, I am a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME). But don’t confuse that with being a telemarketer!

A Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) vs. A Telemarketer

People might initially think that the words Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) is just another fancy, fluffy term for a contact center rep, but the meaning goes beyond that. First you have to understand what Conversational Marketing actually is at its core: a conversation! Let’s take a brief moment to compare the two terms.

  • A Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) is trained out of the gate to be knowledgeable about the service or product they are marketing. When you are hired at Incept, you don’t just get the crash course. Rather than just throw a new employee into the shark tank to sink or swim, we believe that education and knowledge is the cornerstone not only to producing effective Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) but also in helping our clients’ donors to the highest level possible. Through a two-week training period, we are able to fully educate and guide our new employees into feeling comfortable, confident, and self-sufficient in being able to create the best possible customer service experience.
  • A Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) understands how important it is to actually strengthen the relationship with who is on the phone. The reason why telemarketers seem to have such a bad rap isn’t even because of the persistent calling but rather their overall approach. A telemarketer initially is out to have you do something they ask or buy something they are selling and deploy a number of different hard-sell techniques in accomplishing this almost as if they are in a rush. They can come off as very brash, rude, and impersonal (or many other negative qualities). As a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) it is the exact opposite. We value the time we spend on the phone with each customer or donor. We address the little things as much as the larger concerns a customer or donor might have. Overall a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) realizes that no matter how the call ends, the important thing is that the relationship with the donor was strengthened.
  • A Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) believes in what they are doing. It is easier for a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) to be able to truly believe in the good that donating blood provides to the world. They fully know the difference between an apheresis style donation vs. a whole blood donation and are able to customize their call-to-action based upon the blood type of the donor they are talking to. It is also much easier to rally behind the notion of donating blood as opposed to satellite television service or magazine subscription renewal.

These are just three reasons off the top of my head that make us different from telemarketers. It isn’t just a way of integrating company branding throughout our organization, but being a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) is a job that can make someone proud. After all, this is an entry-level office job, and in an economy where it is hard to find anything that isn’t fast food related or occupations without as big as an impact that we have every day, working at Incept truly makes one feel good about the environment we work in and the type of work that we do.

What are your thoughts on occupational titles for your representatives?