Giving Thanks For Blood Donors

With Thanksgiving coming up, it is certainly hard not to give in to all the sentiment about this time of the year.

The fall is winding down, and the trees stand bare without leaves against the cold, winter wind streams that approach. The holiday season is reaching the starting point where it will be in full swing soon, and as we gather around our tables to celebrate another year and gives thanks for what we think is important, we want to also show sincere appreciation for people who donate blood.

It takes a person who demonstrates the ability to be selfless to donate blood. On a deeper level, you have to remember that a blood donor is literally giving a part of who they are. The blood that goes in to the unit collection pouch is the same blood that flows through the brains, hearts, and bodies of the original owners. In my opinion, it is a very humbling thing to donate and realize that the blood from your body will go to help out another person’s body. I’ve always said that even if your blood donation isn’t the blood donation that initially saves someone’s life, you are at the very least making someone else’s life better in terms of living quality. Your blood donation could be the one that gives a family time to say their goodbyes to an ailing loved one. That is truly worth less than an hour for most of us to give up, I’d like to think.

Here are a few of our own Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) who personally wanted to thank blood donors this Thanksgiving.

Why are you thankful for blood donors?