How Does Working as a Conversational Marketing Expert Help Your Conversational Skills?

I’ve been at Incept almost three years of my life now. I was hired on when I was 20, and now looking back at 23, even I feel old.

In my time at Incept, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot for someone my age, but I always seem to mentally remark at how this job as a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) has changed me and the way I interact with people face to face. If you have been employed in the telecommunications industry for a period of time, you too can almost certainly relate to the points I’m about to make.

Here is a short list of how my job at Incept has rubbed off on the way I live:

It Rubs Off on You

  • You always make sure to tell the people at the drive-thru, the checkout counter, or any other person that works with people all day to have a good shift.
  • You don’t mind calling in to customer service centers for personal issues; you even fill out the customer service satisfaction surveys in your email.
  • You find yourself talking louder among your friends and family.
  • You know effective ways to initiate conversations with people, as well as how to gracefully bow out of a conversation.
  • People tell you that you have a great speaking voice.
  • You know how to deliver the perfect rebuttal to change a situation.
  • You feel confident in yourself.

From the first time I walked in to the office at Incept to now, I never knew what possibilities an entry-level office job could deliver a young person like me. So far the ride has had much in store, and hopefully there will be many more opportunities for me to recognize.

If you work in the telecommunications industry, what else could be added to my list?