Kayleigh Sharick: The Life of a Conversational Marketing Expert and Program Results Coach

My name is Kayleigh Sharick, and I am a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) and Program Results Coach here at Incept. I have been asked to write a blog post explaining what I do here at Incept and also a little about myself. Accordingly, I’ll be talking about my position here and what it entails, as well as some of my personal goals and hobbies.

I feel like I am am generally pretty busy, although that is not a bad thing. It keeps me from getting bored. At work, I make phone calls to blood donors, and coach employees in the rows of the call center or one-on-one, using the Postive Coach Approach (PCA) method. The least busy time of my week is my time on the phones. I spend about five to ten hours out of every week at Incept making calls to blood donors, trying to get them scheduled for their next donation. Through compassion, patience, listening and problem solving, I schedule people to come in and save lives in their local area by giving blood.

In addition to phone time, I work about twenty to twenty-five hours a week either coaching in the rows of the contact center or coaching one-on-one in the conference room or supervisor’s office. The purpose of my job is to help other Conversational Market Experts (CMEs) make the best phone calls they can. When I am in the rows with them, I spend time listening to their calls, taking notes on the things they do really well, as well as anything I hear that could be done differently, to have a positive impact on their results (the number of blood donation appointments scheduled). I write all of these things down in a clear, succinct fashion and then spend about five to ten minutes going over my notes with the Conversational Market Expert (CME). The purpose of this process is to direct their attention to anything they are doing really well in their calls that they should continue to do, and also to anything that we can do to improve their calls – whether that be stronger second attempts, more compassion, listening more carefully or something else that may have a positive impact.

I have about seventeen Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) that I work with one-on-one at a scheduled time every other week. The purpose of these one-hour sessions is to help them in any way that I can – from celebrating their successes to identifying challenges. Any challenges we identify may be set as a goal to work toward, and then we set up a deadline for each goal, as well as a detailed plan on how that goal will be achieved. I do my best to help them remember to follow through with their plans by making signs for them to hang in their cubicle or reminding them whenever I get a chance.

In addition, I also do some menial tasks around the office, like collecting paperwork from employees and turning it in to the correct offices, tracking revenue and making lots and lots of copies.

Outside of Incept, I always seem to have a lot going on too. I am a student at Kent State University and have attended a few other colleges between 2007 and the present, including Malone University and the University of Mount Union. I have recently decided to pursue a career as a Veterinary Technologist. I will be starting my classes toward the veterinary program in the fall. Animals have always been a huge part of my life, and I’ve had almost every pet you could imagine (hamster, lizard, rabbit, cat, dog, bird, frog, toad, guinea pig, etc.). It is going to be so rewarding to have a career that allows me to help others take care of the pets they have and love.

Aside from school and work, I have a wonderful boyfriend of three years, Kyle, who I live with and spend most of my free time with. So if I am not working or sitting through class, you can usually find me with Kyle, either disc-golfing at Arboretum Park, playing with our two wonderful cats, hula-hooping for exercise, listening to music, or enjoying nature on a nice hike. And if it’s Friday evening, I’m probably hanging out in a friend’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons orRockband. I’ve also recently taken up making jewelry and am hoping to be able to sell some in the near future.

Generally speaking, these are the things that sum up my life, both inside and outside of Incept. I spend the majority of my time working hard at Incept with a wonderful group of people who are determined to save lives all across the country. The rest of my time is dedicated to being with my boyfriend, enjoying the things we love (like music and nature), and going to school to work toward my dream of taking care of people’s animals. Until then, I’m definitely looking forward to a few more terrific years of saving lives and helping fellow Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) here at Incept!