A New Device is Being Create to Evaluate the Quality of Stored Blood

When a blood donor donates blood, if they are doing a whole blood donation, their red blood cells can be stored up to six weeks. However, there are debates on how accurate that time frame really is and if red blood cells lose their ability to transport oxygen before those six weeks.

Blaze Medical Devices is in the process of developing a tabletop device and disposable cartridges that can be used by hospitals to evaluate blood units by the strength of their red blood cell membranes rather than by age alone.

“Blaze has completed a preclinical study at the Mayo Clinic and an initial clinical study at Henry Ford Hospital and plans to release a research-only version of the device late this year, according to CEO David Weaver.”

While being stored, there are various changes that happen to red blood cells. This device will be able to inform the hospital if the the blood is suitable for transfusion. It is projected that this device will become available for initial sales in 2015.