Adding Confidence in Your Blood Donor Recruitment Calls

Adding Confidence in Blood Donor Recruitment Calls

Showing confidence in a blood donor recruitment phone call can be the difference between getting an appointment or getting hung up on. As a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME), it is essential to follow the Incept Conversational Quality (CQ) guidelines and display confidence throughout a phone call – people who do this tend to be more conversational and are able to build stronger relationships with the donors.

How to be confident on your calls

There are several ways a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) can portray confidence in their phone calls:

  • To display confidence, someone has to show that they are equipped to handle any situation. CMEs are given tools that ensure they are able to handle situations and one of those tools is LAMA (Listen, Acknowledge, Make a statement, Ask a question). LAMA can be used as a conversational device to guide and direct a phone call; using this device makes it easier for a CME to make conversation with the donor because they are able to follow the formula every time. When CMEs learn how to use LAMA they build confidence knowing that they can assist any donor no matter how difficult the situation, thus making the CME sound assertive because they feel confident.
  • Another way a Conversational Marketing Expert can portray confidence is by having faith in their content knowledge. CMEs have a lot of blood facts to memorize, as well as information about the types of donations and the donation process itself – not to mention information about the blood centers they’re calling for. Getting familiar and comfortable with all of these things can be important so that CMEs don’t fumble around in their phone conversations. When a person knows a lot about a subject, they become comfortable talking about it. This allows the person to build more confidence in their conversations and thus portray that they can handle any situation.

There are other ways that CMEs can sound confident in their phone calls, but the tactics spoken of are less obvious ways for Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) to build their confidence. Showing confidence in a phone call is one of the most important things that the new CQ process focuses on, because when a CME shows confidence, the donor is confident that they are being assisted.

Showing confidence can be a great way for CMEs to build relationships with the donors, as well as assumptively ask donors for appointments. In the long run, this could lead to a better bonus for a CME because more donors will show up to their appointments.

How do you portray confidence in your blood donor recruitment calls?

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