Contact Center Tip: How Should Your Conversational Quality Department Monitor Your Reps?

Monitoring the calls of your organization’s own Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CME) is something that is necessary if your contact center is to succeed!

How do you get better at an instrument? How does an athlete become more competitive? How do people improve at anything? The answer is through listening to the feedback and knowledge of others. It is always intriguing when we are able to take constructive criticism. Throughout our lives, we are almost conditioned by our teachers, coaches, and parents to want to be better at whatever it is we are doing.

Since we are in an industry where our product is our service, monitoring the quality of our calls here at Incept is an essential part of the process when it comes tostrengthening the relationship with our clients and their donors. Needless to say our Conversational Quality department takes their mission seriously. They look at their jobs not as being the doomsayers of the phone lines, but as supportive educators of how to get better on the phones.

Here are a few points on how Incept is able to count on our Conversational Quality department to not only monitor but support a Conversational Marketing™ Expert’s (CME’s) professional growth.

  • Each and every call is recorded. The ability for your contact center to have every call recorded is a no-brainer. One of the best things is it gives us the ability to have any Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) listen to their own calls so they can pick things out. We find that this creates a sense of accountability, affording Conversational Marketing Expert the opportunity to be able to “own” what it is that they wish to improve upon.
  • We can track if we are strengthening the relationship. One of the biggest goals Incept has is to always strengthen the relationship with the blood donors that we are talking to. What that means is that no matter what the outcome of the call is – whether that be that we scheduled that donor to donate blood or not – we want to leave them feeling happy and positive about the interaction they had with us. Based upon painstakingly analyzing each call and how each donor reacts throughout the call to our Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs), we are able to begin to quantify this information into data and use it in our education and coaching efforts.
  • The forefront of our process is our values, continuing education, and self-assessment.At Incept when the Conversational Quality department is scoring our Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) as an organization, we want them to understand how they can improve in the easiest ways. We do this through Conversational Quality forms that are graded out of 100%. These forms are handed to the Conversational Marketing Expert’s (CME’s) respective Team Leader for review. If a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) is marked off or, on the contrary, does exceptionally well at something, comments are included for the specific phone call listened to. The Team Leader will establish some type of goal that the Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) can hold themselves accountable to and then monitor them live on the floor.

Overall, upholding the conversational quality of our conversations at Incept is a task that is really between multiple departments and never really stops anywhere. The Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) is able to hold themselves accountable by having the access and ability to listen to their own calls. The Conversational Quality department is able to pinpoint the exact strengthens and weaknesses of each Conversational Marketing Expert (CME), and the Team Leader is able to initiate the educational process to become a better recruiter with that Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) through live monitoring and coaching.

What does your organization do to make sure call quality stays at exceptional levels?