My One Blood Donation Does Matter

Your phone is ringing. You look at the calendar, and then it hits you… It’s that time again. Time to schedule my donation. Thoughts start pouring through of all the things you have to do. Your schedule is just too busy right now, and besides what difference does your ONE donation make anyway?

You have read many times in our blog posts that your one donation can save up to threelives! Because of you, three people get to see their families again. They get to enjoy relaxing on the couch after a long, hard day at work. They get to continue to enjoy their favorite meals! For these people, you are a hero! You did this all with just one donation!

Still think your donation doesn’t make an impact? I am sure you have heard on the news, seen signs as you drive or read on your local blood bank’s Facebook page that they are critically low or there was an accident, and they are in urgent care of blood. Sure, your one donation alone doesn’t take that situation and bring the blood bank to safe levels again, but your one donation helps to ensure there is blood on the shelves when there is a need for it.

Starting to see how important you are?

Just because you are one person doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact! I heard this once many years ago, and it has really stayed with me. Heck, Adolf Hitler won by one vote! Imagine what our world would have been like if one more person voted. We make an impact with every step we take!