Blood Donor Recruitment: HOW TO Increase Your Productive Donor Rate

Productive donor rate (the amount of donors that give a productive unit as compared to the amount of donors that are scheduled to give) is arguably the most important metric to keep track of in donor recruitment. Productive donor rate, show rate, draw rate, or however it is referred to in your organization, can indicate whether your recruitment methods are effective or not. If your productive donor rate is high, it indicates that your recruitment efforts are effective. If your productive donor rate is low, your recruitment methods may need to be improved.

Here are several tips to help increase your productive donor rate in your recruitment calls:

  • Schedule the donor’s appointment as close to the day of the call as possible. With busy schedules, it is very easy to forget an appointment that is scheduled several weeks after the day you call the donor. The closer the appointment is scheduled to the day you call the donor, the more likely the donor is to show up.
  • Call donors to remind them of their appointments as close to the appointment date as possible. It’s important to call donors when they are most likely to answer their phones, as speaking to a donor has a much higher productive donor rate than leaving an answering machine message.
  • Finally, call donors that missed their appointments to try to reschedule them.Everyone misses appointments for some reason or another, and often donors that miss their appointments are willing to reschedule for another day.

These three tips are essential to a healthy productive donor rate. In not using them you will miss out on the best ways to maximize your tele-recruitment methods. Each item is important on its own, but it is when they are used together that you will see the most benefit from your efforts.